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it’s been a month?

I can’t believe its been this long since I’ve written here. TikTok has taken over my journalism, so if you want to know day to day affairs go there.

The prizewinner of the grow room is by far the marigolds. They are taking off! But we have so many other plants in the hopper: Canna, bunnygrass, peppers, onions, radishes, the list goes on and on.

My attempt at converting a harbor freight temporary garage has created a massive kite I am constantly finding new ways to secure.

Ramps are beginning to show their signs, no asparagus yet, but the damned stinging nettle is popping up everywhere. I keep seeing people on social media harvesting them and creating pesto, but i hate the plant so much, I would be apt to burn and scorch the meal just to make myself feel good for all the pain they have inflicted over the years. I absolutely hate the weed.

Daffodils are beginning to bloom, and tulips should be next. The front yard of the house is beginning to get covered with wild violets.

Planted two new cherry trees, and two new apple trees the other day, with arnica, comfrey, and garlic around their bases. I still haven’t safeguarded them from deer, so that will be a project coming soon.

April 23 will be my fist day at a farmer’s market since Covid, being held locally at The Milk Run on Route 145 from 9am-1pm. I’m not sure what I will have available as its still cold here at nights. I might pull some frozen berries out and make a jam, or pick some early rhubarb? It’ll be a small offering, but a good way to get my feet wet, trying to learn a market again.

Until next time, look to the stars, but keep your nose on the road ahead!

Kiley Thompson

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