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Fingers Crossed!

We have a new sign!

Its been nuts here.

The greenhouse is nearly empty, the grow rooms have only three lights left running, everything . . . and i mean EVERYTHING is planted in the fields (it has been incredibly warm for May), installed a new sign out front, and had our first opening weekend with the plant stand. So yeah . . . we’re busy.

The new sign attracted a lot of first time visitors and sales, which was a great bonus. To avoid using paper or plastic, we want people to look at the website for plant details. Just log on to our site, find the plant you are interested in, and add it to your cart! Then, if you want to pay cash, just show us what you want, we gather for you, and done. Credit card, venmo, or paypal is a little trickier, but we’ll figure it out. If we can earn enough from the plant sales, we may even be able to buy a POS system! (fingers crossed)

The second attendance at the farmer’s market at The Milk Run was another fail. Rhubarb was popular as well as the candies, but . . . I just can’t believe Lazy Day Farm is the ONLY farm there. Its all arts and crafts. This could be a boom for business, so i planted all kinds of things i normally don’t eat: Swiss Chard, Brussell Sprouts, Cabbage, the list goes on. Hopefully it will pay off, but attendance has been low and slow. Again, fingers crossed!

Other than that, it is presently storming outside with much needed rain. With everything in the ground, this heavy rain SHOULD make everything very, VERY happy. Fingers Crossed.

Kiley Thompson

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