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So,its been awhile!

Obviously, something happened to keep me from doing this blog last year. It was called a drought of SEVERE magnitude. I had to get a job to supplement the loss of produce (ie income). With nearly 2/3 crop gone . . . this poor farmer had to get jiggy to pay the bills.

BUT THAT WAS LAST YEAR! Off to new beginnings! 2023 had better be better! it has to be. couldn’t get much worse weather wise.

So far so good though. Despite a mild winter and many snowstorms in March, the sap has been flowing very well. Maple syrup and Black Walnut syrup is in full effect right now. The house smells like a sugarshack!

Seedlings are starting to emerge . . . leeks, onions, violas, amongst a few others! 😛

Been taking orders for my tomato clones already. I have a list available upon request!

Other than that, its still nose to the grindstone here at Lazy Day Farm!

Kiley Thompson

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