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Catskill Kush

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Over the centuries, Kush landrace strains survived and thrived in the harsh mountain country of the Hinda Kush range of Afghanistan. Because these are typically tough strains with landrace origins, they don’t require a ton of close upkeep, and are usually easier for novice growers.

The Catskill Kush was brought over in the 1970’s from a veteran abroad. The seeds landed home, and haven’t been messed with since.

Catskill Kush is an indica dominant that grows shorter and bushier than sativas, with large leaves that often have a purple tint to them. Dense, resin-coated buds, also often have a slight purple shade as well.

With their landrace origins, Kush strains evolved a hardy, durable nature that helped them thrive in the harsh conditions of the Hindu Kush region, making them more able to survive in colder climates, like the Northern Catskills.

Not high in THC or CBD, its a good end of the day (have a beer) type of marijuana. It won’t knock your socks off or splinter your brain. Expect a calming high (similar to CBD strains), and an ethereal feeling derived from its indica heritage. Highly recommended for novice growers in the Catskills.

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