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Craft Soap


Kiley works hard at the farm. He’s rough on his skin, and even rougher with his hands. After trying numerous soaps that worked but didn’t quite fit his wallet or his expectations, he went down a rabbit hole and learned how to make his own soap!

“His” has black walnut powder that exfoliates and gets rid of spray foam, caulk, super glue . . . you name it, tea tree oil, AND moisturizes.

“Hers” has Vitamin E oil to add an extra amount of healthy moisturizer on top of what both types use as moisturizers: shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. This one has dehydrated lemon peel for an extra nice scent.

“They” is a combination of the two, with dehydrated flower petals mixed in, because aren’t we all beautiful?

All have lemongrass essential oil as well.

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