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Kee’s Orange Marigold


The brightest orange marigolds we have seen! This massive and magnificent marigold was selected by the late, Kees Sahin, a famous Dutch flower breeder. Sahin had set out to select the most vivid orange color to make a truly memorable marigold, the result is a high octane tangerine bloom that really pops! The robust and productive plants stand 1.5-2 feet tall and are smothered in full and fluffy electric orange blooms, each reaching an impressive 2.5 to 3 inches across.

    • 8-12 hours of Sun

    • Ideal Temperature: 75-80 Degrees F

    • Plant Spacing: 8-12″

    • Frost Hardy: No

    • Tagetes erecta

Growing Tips: Thrives in full sun, summer heat. Remove spent flowers to prolong blooming period.

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