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Lemongrass (East Indian)

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This aromatic grass has clumped, bulbous stems becoming leaf blades widely used in Thai cuisine, with a distinct lemon flavor.


A densely tufted perennial with thick stems, lemongrass grows readily in almost any soil. This tropical perennial can be grown as an annual, or dug up and overwintered indoors. Lemongrass contains the same volatile oil as lemon rind, and so the stems impart a fresh, clean, citrus flavor.


The origin of lemongrass is unknown, but it possibly originated in southern India and Sri Lanka.


Savored in many cuisines, especially Thai and Asian, the green parts of the leaves are used to flavor a variety of foods, and makes a refreshing lemon flavored tea that is said to aid in digestion. Also commonly used for potpourris, candles, perfumes and cosmetics. The coarse, long flat leaves are normally discarded and 4-6″ of the bulbous base is used.

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