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offered in 4” pots, fresh, and dried in 4oz jars

Hailing from Mexico, Marigolds have been cultivated and included in the human diet for its delightful flavor and striking health benefits for more than 2000 years. In early Aztec times, anti-inflammatory marigolds were grown for use in medicines for maladies ranging from stomach cramps to skin conditions, and they were also used when performing religious rituals. When the Portuguese and Spanish explorers encountered the Aztec people, they saw the importance and beauty of these flowers and dubbed them “Mary’s Gold.”

The name stuck, and the flowers were carried back to Spain and Portugal, from whence they spread throughout the world. 

The leaves and petals are dried to make tea. The leaves are spicy, and the flowers are sweet. Our blend leans on the sweet side.

When making potato salad, replace a third of the amount of parsley you would normally use with whole fresh marigold leaves. 

Sprinkle fresh marigold petals over and around slices of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. ITS BEAUTIFUL AND EDIBLE!

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