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Ramp Leaves

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sold by the 1/2 pound. WE DO NOT PICK BULBS OFF THE PROPERTY. Leaves are only harvested to keep this endangered plant alive and thriving.

Ramps (aka wild leeks, wild spring onions, ramson, wild garlic or ail sauvage) are a wild member of the onion family with a delightful flavor evoking both green onions and garlic as well as a pungent garlicky aroma.

Both ramps’ long thin green leaves and purple-white stalks are edible. Delicious sauteed, grilled, pickled, or poached in butter, many people consider ramps to be their favorite wild produce and festivals are held in Appalachia to herald their arrival every year.

The folk medicine reputation which holds both Ramps and Wild Leeks to be powerful healers turns out to be well deserved. They are high in Vitamins C and A, and full of healthful minerals and have the same cholesterol-reducing compounds found in garlic and other members of this family.


Wrap wild ramps in several layers of zip-lock bags and store them in your refrigerator away from high-fat foods (like butter) that they would otherwise impart unwanted flavor and aroma to. For long term storage, ramp greens can be pureed with olive oil & frozen for later use. Another trick is to soften butter and combine it to blanched, then chopped ramp leaves. You must freeze the butter for long term storage, but it stays divine either way.

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