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Toothache Plant

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Acmella oleracea commonly known as Toothache Plant is a species of flowering herb in the family Asteraceae. Other popular common names of the herb are Brazil Cress, Eyeball Plant, Para Cress, Peek-ABoo Plant, Perennial Para Cress and Spot Flower.

Flower is mainly ornamental but the flower heads contain a great amount of an analgesic agent known as Spilanthol. This is specially used to numb toothaches and gum aches as well. Ancient tribes of Central America have used the Spilanthes flower as a vegetable and also for its medicinal value. It was a remedy for toothache, digestive problems and also throat and gum disease. In India, it was used as an additive in tobacco for flavor. Its characteristic pungent and strong taste has given it a space in the kitchens around the world, often consumed as tea, but as a condiments in some communities of northern brazil, in salads in the United States, and added to steamed vegetables, soups and meats in India.

Kiley uses it as a party trick. Have a friend eat a flower or leaf and make sure other people are around to enjoy their reaction.

The flower is also really great rubbed on the edge of a gin martini!

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