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Wine Caps

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The wine cap mushroom, so-named for the dark red color, is also known as the king stropharia, Stropharia Rugosoannulata, garden giant, or even Godzilla mushroom. They can get very large, as several of the names imply, but are often more modest; an inch and a half to five inches across is typical. The stem is usually three to six inches long. Depending on a mushroom’s age, it could be confused with several other species, both closely related and otherwise. The wine cap is unusual among stropharias in being edible, so proper identification is important for those who want to partake.

The primary uses of the wine cap are culinary and as an ally in creating soil health, but there is some indication that they could have medicinal benefits as well.

Eating wine cap mushrooms has no known side effects or safety problems for the general population. Individual adverse reactions, such as allergies and hypersensitivities are always possible, but the same can be said of any food. It is best not to eat new foods to excess, as discovering a new allergy after consuming a huge dose of the allergen would not be at all enjoyable.

Wine Cap mushrooms are best suited for cooked applications such as braising, grilling, and sautéing. When young, Wine Cap mushrooms can be eaten with the stem and offer a tender yet crunchy texture when lightly cooked in oil. They can also be sliced and mixed into meat sauces or risotto, roasted or braised along with other fall vegetables and served with meat, fowl or fish, added to soups, or stuffed and baked. If using the larger, more mature mushrooms, it is recommended to remove the stems as they become stringy and to slice or chop the cap to ensure even cooking. Wine Cap mushrooms pair well with lemon juice, wine, ramps, nutmeg, fennel, polenta, pasta, quinoa, and rice. They will keep up to a week when stored in a paper bag in the refrigerator.

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